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Charity Photographer

EasyPhoto has undertaken numerous Public/Charity Events and fully understands that an objective of these events is to provide revenue. We support Charity Events in two ways; first in maximising the discounts on our services (usually for free), and then by offering a post-event channel for additional revenue generation. We are happy to attend large scale and small scale charity events.

For each sale at the event or post-event, we donate an agreed percentage of our profits back to the Charity or Appeal. This opens the route for potential additional funds flowing to the cause for a few weeks after the event in addition to the event itself. If you supply us with the guest mailing address list then we can further maximise this channel on your behalf. You approve all mailings in advance and we prefer that the mailing comes from yourself, as that way you do not need to share your valuable mailing list.

Most events will want to use the Mobile Portrait Studio for ultra high quality images and instant lab quality printing. Anyone can have their portrait taken in the studio for free and then review their images on the large touch screen. If they want to purchase a print, they can do so at the Event. Otherwise, they can view online and purchase a range of media after the event from the website shop.

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Reportage, Agency and Copyright Support

We are very reactive to your needs and if you don’t need a Mobile Studio to provide your guest with High Street quality portraits, and you want a photographer present to record proceedings in a more reportage fashion then we are still your photographers of choice.

We have worked with many high-profile public figures in undertaking similar services and will always follow industry standard procedures to secure permission for the recording, publishing and commercial usage of images taken on the day. Additionally, we will always endeavour to secure full editorial usage rights to you, our Clients. Importantly this ensures that all organisations are legally protected in the subsequent use of assets derived from the Event, a factor sometimes overlooked by less experienced Photographers who have little knowledge of working with celebrities, model releases, privacy law, copyright law and licence rights.

Publicity is always important and we can deal directly with media news desks on your behalf to distribute promotional images quickly via the internet.

We hold a current OFCOM PBR UK General licence for our private radio network with our own frequency allocation that will not disturb any general Event communications, whilst ensuring that we are always contactable for important photo opportunities whilst at the Event.

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Two Engagement Models for the Mobile Studio

We have two flexible approaches for events using the mobile studio. Regardless of whichever Engagement Preference you select, images can always be purchased by cash at the event and via online secure website ordering after the Event.

Pay on Demand – We attend for Free

The first and most popular approach is Pay on Demand. EasyPhoto do not charge to attend. All prints on the night are on-demand with no obligation to purchase. This allows your guests to review all images on the large touch screen before deciding to purchase.

All purchases must be cash on the night. This approach ensures that all guests can have their photo taken, and if cash is not available on the night they can make secure online card purchases via the website after the event.


The second approach is to pre-pay a certain number of prints. This is much easier for the guests and is exactly the same quality service. However, it does demand slightly more work from your team. Simply, estimate the demand and then produce, track and control the issue of vouchers to the guests in advance of the Event. The package price is paid in advance of the event by the organisers who generally add it to the cost of the ticket or generate a ticket upgrade to give people access to the service at the Event. This approach realises your revenue at the point of the ticket sale and does not rely on footfall into the mobile studio at the event.

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Reasons to Choose EasyPhoto Photography

    • If your Event is attracting over 80 adults and there is room for the Mobile Studio then we will attend for Free.
    • There is no charge for people to have their portrait captured. Everybody gets to see their image before making any purchases.
    • Prints at the event are only £10 with strut mount.
    • Guests at your Event get portrait quality images and also have some extra fun and novel event entertainment, usually for free.
    • Bring the Portrait Studio into your Event and provide your guests with the chance to have full composed portraits of themselves, family and friends.
    • All event images are loaded into the web site for review post event, where a wide range of media can be oared online by secure card purchase.
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