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Lisa asks…

what are some easy/popular wedding appetizers?

I am getting married this june and I’m trying to come up with easy appetizers for my guests. It is going to be a fairly informal wedding and a stationary appetizer table. I already decided on scallops in bacon, shrimp, fruits, veggies and cheese and crackers, but im not sure what else to use for appetizers, What are some easy and fairly cheap ones? I am making my own food for the wedding so that is why the easier the better thanks!

administrator answers:

You are right on with your food items. Just avoid anything with dips and sauces because they are not so easy to eat and are so drippy on the table and on people’s clothing, making a mess. Besides, you do not want half broken off pieces of food in the dip as that is very unappetizing as well as unsanitary with people’s fingers in there, too.

A good way to serve fruits is in toothpick kabob form, sprinkled with lemon confectioners sugar. Perhaps salted nuts, as well. If you can, get a cheese wheel. They look great and stay fresh longer than sliced cheeses. Olives go very well with cheese and crackers, too.

The best parties I have been to have the refreshments and the food on opposite ends of the reception. This forces people to mingle and makes for a better social occasion where the crowd moves around, preventing a stale party.

You may want to Google: “One bite appetizers”. These are the best because they are easy to eat and display well.

Donald asks…

Wedding Appetizers.. easy/ DIY?

I am doing my own Appetizers. Its a relaxed florida wedding that is semi-formal. I want to do like molded dips in like a clam shell kind of mold.

Does anyone have any easy recipes that can be molded for chips/dips.. also other kind of platters that can be made pretty.. like cheese and meat trays… thanks guys.

administrator answers:

Appetizers are fun but take some thought. Although a molded clam dip might look pretty when it is set out, after a few people sample it, it looks jumbled up and does not look very attractive. Why not pour your dip into a large cleaned shell and surround it with crackers, chips and cut up vegetables? Cheese and meat trays could be bought at a local market. You could put out a pretty tray, transfer the meat-cheese to it and decorate the tray with cleaned shells. Setting out a plastic tray of the type that it comes in from the store does not appeal to me for such a special occasion. Have fun.

Linda asks…

what are some good appetizers for a wedding?

We are just have a finger food/ appetizer wedding reception with an open bar…what are some good / easy appetizers I could make to save some money?

administrator answers:

This website has ideas for easy appetizers that you can make.


Hope this helps!

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