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Mary asks…

What price should I set for in home portrait Photography? Both sitting cost and package costs?

As a photographer I am offering in home portrait and candid photography. What sould I set the sitting (upfront) price to. And what range should the print packages (simular to school photography) prices be set to?

administrator answers:

The price will depend on the type of service you offer, going rate in your area, and extras you provide clients. There are several ways to help you determine your prices:

1. Go to the Web and search for your competitors (“home portrait photography”) and check the price ranges offered. There are many that do not put their prices up but you can ask for it through email, while some actually puts their prices on the site.

2. Go to the yellow pages and contact the photography studios in your area. Pretend you’re a client and ask for prices. Just make sure you don’t sound too technical that they may detect that you are a competitor, not a client

William asks…

Is a room 2.5mtrs(W) X 3.5mtrs (L) big enough for a home photography studio? Wanting to do Portrait/Children.?

Hopeing some one can advise is this area big enough? Im worried that I wont fit it all in – need to get backdrop, lights, brollies. Would a wide angle lense help?
Need advise on what to buy before spending loads and it doesnt fit! Advise on area and basics needed for professional photo studio setup to begin with…Thanks! Getting bit confused with all the info on line!
Can anyone advise about minimal area size? Plus basic equipment for setting up studio…done research but not sure on best products?

administrator answers:

Yes this is a big enough area for portraits.Use an 85 or 105 mm lens on your camera.If you are photographing children you’ll want to use flash.(3 should be sufficient.)A sturdy tripod,cable release,and diffusers for your flash heads.I hope this helps.

Charles asks…

Home photography studio?

I am making a home photography studio in my garage- for portraits mostly. I was wondering what color to paint the walls- ASIDE FROM BACKGROUNDS. I already have a background stand with multiple colors, i just need to know if i need a bright white for lighting, or if it really matters.

administrator answers:

Try one white, one black and one studio grey (18%).

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