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Betty asks…

THEME?? Charity EVENT for arthritis research uk?

Im doing a family event for arthritis research uk, i have the venue booked for november,
it’s 7pm – 12pm on a saturday night,
live bands and solos through the night
balloon modelling stand and photographer
now i’m stuck for ideas…
* What can i sell to raise more money
* what THEME can i have
* What would be your ideal night out
* How much should i charge on the door. ( i did one last week for £4.50 reduced to £3 as it was expensive 😮 !! )

food is included too !!
It will be my 16th birthday on this date
* I am a finalist for miss england 2011 Photogenic which i may promote.

administrator answers:

Hi there,

It’s great that you are doing something for this organisation! It sounds like its going to be a fab night!

I recently went to a charity event where there was a ‘human auction’ so people offer themselves as prizes and people bid/pay to spend a day or an evening with them and that person can take them for a meal or to the park, etc. It is easy because you don’t have to organise prizes and it is also very funny!

I also think themes are quite restrictive and they can either be a really big hit, or not very good. You either need to do something easy that people can get involved with like 60s or something or something a little more personal to those involved.

My ideal night out – would be a nice buffet, lots of friendly people and very good music! The music makes the night!

I think the smaller the amount you charge on the door, the more people might come? Just charge higher prices for drinks etc?

Good luck!

Mark asks…

What are the UK laws concerning photo manipulation of people and events?

Please list all sources.

Please include:
– employment law [civil law] (how is it decided whether a photographer can be sacked for altering an image?)
– criminal law (are there any laws resulting in punishment for digitally altering imagery?)
– civil rights (what rights does a person have to a picture that contains them?, what rights does the photographer have?)

Thank you so much if you answer this question. Any help appreciated.

administrator answers:

If you are just talking about the manipulation of an image, i.e. Putting someones face on another body or the like then the only laws which would really relate to this would be copyright and possible the libel laws.
The copyright act states that only the copyright owner or their assignees can display, publish, make an adaption etc an image.

Employment – it would be upto the employer what is and what is not acceptable. An example would be a Reuters photographer who was sacked for “enhancing” a picture of rocket launchers to make it look like there was more than there actually was.

Criminal law – none. It is not a crime as such to digital alter an image. (copyright law notwithstanding). If the altered image was used for fraudulent purposes then that may/would be different. But altering an image in itself is not a crime.

Civil rights – a person has no “right” to an image of themselves. The photographer has the rights granted under the copyright act. Different countries have different rules on publication but in the UK there is no requirement for a model release or to get any specific permission from an individual if the picture was taken in a public place.
If it is a “private and domestic” commission then the subject has the right to NOT have the image displayed publicly (section 85 of the copyright act).
An individual could sue for libel or defamation if the image was to portray them in a false light or was captioned with libelous statements.

Read the copyright act to find out details.


Daniel asks…

Photography advice on which lenses and setup needed urgently.?

I need some advice on which option to go for to take my portratit and event photography to the next level.
My current kit is a nikon D90 fitted with a 17-55 f2.8 nikon AFS lens.
An SB600 Nikon Speedlight. An umbrella , flash stand and gold and silver reflector.

I have a budget of about 650 pounds(UK) and I am considering getting a Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 AF N two touch lens Which I have seen in mint condition or a nikon 85mm f1.8 lens and a HITi 730 s dye sublimation printter from system insight

My main intrest is taking pictures of people at functions ,Church Homes weddings parties and other events.

The cost of the 85mm lens and printer is equivalent to the one 80-200 lens. I am still learning and not that experienced so reaally would appreciate advice.
At the moment I am using my local photolab to print although its cheap but it can be quite frustrating at times having to make trips and wait and worse still some pictures need to be edited in photoshop again as they might look good on screen but different in print.

administrator answers:

Let me get this right, you are hiring yourself out with limited knowledge, without even having your screen calibrated, and limited kit. Hmmmm.

Anyway, the first thing you should do is to calibrate your system with a Spyder or Eye One colorimeter. Otherwise colour balance is like a dog chasing it’s tail. Doesn’t have to be a new one an older one will get you close. Then use the commercial printers profile for your pictures. That way their calibration should match yours.

For portraits you don’t really need an 80 – 200mm lens, with the crop factor of your camera the 50mm f1.4 is ideal (75mm in 35mm format) and the wide aperture enables those selective focus shots and ambient light shots without flash. It also has the advantage of being Nikon’s cheapest high quality lens.

The 85mm f1.4 is a classic Nikon lens, it really is designed for full frame cameras, the 50mm above will give a similar effect on your D90, but the 85mm is a good one to have in your kit bag, but with your D90 you will be a distance from your subject.

But first things first – calibrate your system, your on a hiding to nothing till you do.

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